Should I tell my ex why I think our relationship failed?

When I was a senior in high school, I was became friends with this guy (who I will refer to as "Jason") and we enjoyed chatting with each other online because we were both into books and weird and I remember being like "I thought I was the only one!" Every time I discovered something new about him. and he eventually confessed that he thought about asking me out for awhile and we just brushed it off. Fast forward a few months later when Jason, me, and my best friend were all in the school play and my best friend started either ignoring me or treating me badly (depending on the day) so I felt a little alone as a result, but I just focused on my role. When I wasn't studying lines or whatever,
The thing cut me off sorry 😐 but to summarize the rest: Jason and I were crazy about each other when we started dating, my mental state was really bad because it was my first relationship, he was bisexual and I felt a need to protect him from my religious relatives, I was abused by my friend when she humiliated me in front of the cast and I got negative feedback as my role so I felt not good enough for anyone and unloved until Jason came along to give me affirmation, and because of my bad
Mental state, we only texted each other (basically) because I was afraid of screwing up. I feel like I should tell Jason why I felt like the relationship failed and that we don't talk as much because I'm honestly afraid of falling back in love with him. I've had physical attraction to other guys, but it was nothing compared to Jason. I feel like he's the only guy that I will ever truly love.


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What Guys Said 2

  • it's a tough call. it could go either way. what is your goal here

  • yea it won't hurt

    • you two should go out again and see how it goes if everything has been cleared up

What Girls Said 1

  • i learnt a lesson that talking about the way we feel about somethings make it feel better, so i would advise you to let him know how you really feel than bottling it up

    • But I don't want him to think that I'm just trying to get back together with him (although I wouldn't mind trying again with him).

    • then just do it

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