Would you come back?

First off, I've known this guy for about 3 years. When I first met him I was instantly attracted to him but he had recently gotten engaged. Every so often I would see him glance or stare at me as I walked by because we worked together. Fast forward to 3 years later and he adds me on FB. I had always had a crush on him, so I added him back. At this time he was married to his fiancé and I was wondering why he had added me. So I questioned him and he told me that she had an affair and she told him that she didn't love him anymore. So naturally I was there for him but only as a friend. As the time passed, we start to fall for each other and eventually become serious. He made promises to me that we would be together and get married and start a family together. He was the first to say I love you and text me every morning and night. As the date came to finalize his divorce, he decides he's not ready anymore for commitment because he didn't know what he wanted anymore. Of course I instantly take that as rejection and become upset and say things I don't mean. At this point he's telling me he needs space to figure out what he wants and that he needed me to leave him alone. Of course, for some reason, I cannot respect his request and constantly blow up his phone. We talked on several different occasions and hooked up but every time after that I would get upset and be a bitch to him. Now he's to the point where he says he's done and he's not coming back. But he's still responding to my texts. I've been sending him sentimental messages about the times we spent together and how much I love him, and in the past after texting him so much he blocked my number. For some reason now tho he keeps my number unblocked and he's reading everything I'm sending him and occasionally replying back. I just want to know what to do because I don't want to lose him. Could he just be telling me this because he wants his space? Or does he really mean it and there's no chance of him coming back?


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  • If it was me I wouldn't come back.

    • Thank you for your reply. I really don't blame him. There's obviously way more to the story but this only lets me put some of it. It makes me sound way worse than how it actually went and doesn't describe how he's been.

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    • I hope you are too.

    • Thank you 😊

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