Why is my guy friend acting so weird?

This is about a close guy friend things had been going so well, it felt like we were on the verge of becoming more than friends like there was heaps of banter, long deep convos, late night talking and then our fight happened and he apologised ( he never apologises so I was surprised). In our fight he expressed that we never talk in person and that he wanted me to but I tried to organise it and said I need to talk to you about something in person and he said maybe and then saw him today and his best friend pointed over me and my best friends gestured him to come over and he kind of shook his head like nah and they walked off. I legit wanted to just fix up our fight properly and bring some stuff to light I guess. During our fight I had friendzoned him by accident and the communication became extra strained. I don't get why he contradicts what he says..


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  • Am I misunderstanding? He wants to talk with you in person, that I think I understand, but also in private (not with assorted friends around).

    • I think so to be honest but honestly I don't get his whole deal

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  • you're young and none of you have a clue what you're doing... just explain you're still interested in him

    • I guess you're right, I'm gonna give him some space and I never told him that I have feelings for him.

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    • good luck! feel free to message me if you ever need anything

    • Thanks heaps that's nice of you and good luck too

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  • When you talk to him again, be VERY specific. Point out your mistake and tell him you want more with him. With guys, you can't always tell if they get hints unless you are blunt with it. Don't worry, you can fix this.

    • Maybe, thanks for your advice!! I don't know how he feels though, like I don't know. I don't understand cause over text he seems to care about me heaps and once I said I like ya but you lowkey fish for compliments sometimes but in person he'll look at me and we won't talk. Like why'd he say he wants to talk in person more now and then today he blew me off when I tried to talk to him in person? And I hope it can be fixed too

  • In my view, he don't want to become friend with you as long you act as friend. If you do not want to be in relationship with him, then just forget him. He want to marry you, and he knew that you don't want to give any hope that you might gonna be in relationship with him future and he knew that, that's a reason he even don't want to see you at all.

    • So he wants me as more than friend? So that's why he's hurt. I do have feelings for him but I don't know whether to express them. So he doesn't want to see me because I accidentally made it look like there's no future in the relationship. I don't get why he expressed to talk in person when he just shook his head when he was reminded about meeting up by our friends, I don't get him.

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