My girlfriend and I broke up due to her family + school issues, how do I get her back?

My girlfriend and I recently broke up (4 days ago) due to her having family + school issues to deal with and to take care of her self (which i completely understand). having these issues in her life made her lose interest in our relationship, resulting in a breakup. This has left me in shreds as only a day before, everything was normal with us so obviously it was a big, horrible surprise. Now the tricky situation is, I know, very soon, she's gonna try and move on (she is still sad even though she wanted this) by hooking up with another guy (mutual friend). As I'm sure anyone who reads this can understand, that is going to kill me and leave me devastated. I do have "clingy"/"needy" issues, not serious ones but i like to feel wanted as anyone would, so i may have been like that in the relationship. Im not just coming on here to complain, i'd really like to know everyones opinions on how I can fix this, I already am going to try and ignore her for the next week or two (no texting or acknowledgement) but its going to be hard. does anyone have any idea of what i could do to win her back or at least get her to like me again? I need this, I need help. Thank you <3


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  • you need to respect her wishes.
    things you can do:
    take that clingyness and try something new- whether it's a sport or crafting or underwater basket weaving
    build yourself up
    move on.

    if time brings you two together as friends that's great but you both need space to heal rn


What Guys Said 2

  • Grow some balls, that's the first thing, stop trying to justify her wanting your friend instead of you, you know yourself, you're the problem, I see why she left, you're a guy with chick tendencies, man up, if you put more energy towards your grades instead of a damn girl you'd be a straight 'A' student by now, you're a man, at least you think you are so act like it and stop with the little hearts at the end of thank you's.. really dude.. this is tough love, bro.. apparently out of 1000 kids at your school, she was the only one for you, huh.. lame

  • For what reason would you ever just choose to outright ignore her? Don't you think that would simply push her away even more?

    • I was thinking of that as maybe to get over her, im really not in a good headspace right now and she seems to just be ignoring me anyway.

    • like of course i want to get back but if it doesn't seem too likely then i can start trying now. i really dont know man, kinda messed up mentally atm

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