Why guys move on really fast?

My ex and I just broke up about 1month+. Recently I heard he have an other girlfriend.


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  • boys have exactly reverse cycle as compared to girls. after breakup girls feel pain and it tends to decrease wrt time. where as when boys breakup thay are happy for some time after 2/3 months they start to feel sad and after a year they are sad as hell

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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  • Guys, girls... We all have different ways of moving on. Maybe he didn't care that much about you (hypothesis) or maybe he cared so much that it's easier to bare in someone else arms. Or maybe he just happened to meet someone really nice and he doesn't want to miss this opportunity. What if you meet someone really cool that cheers you up and make you feel great? You would also go out with him /her. If you don't know the story behind, don't judge too fast...

  • Guys generally move on in action first, then let their emotions (hopefully) catch up. Sometimes it works really well, others not well. But guys don't tend to sit single and focus on feelings.


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