Whats a good way to move on?

I was dumped a while ago but I'm still hung up on this girl.. i want her back and she said we can try again later (we are both in school and she "wants to finish first" ) but she had a new boyfriend almost a week after we broke up... and yet I'm here without a day since it happened that i haven't thought about her, any advice?


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  • give yourself time to feel and suffer. Remove her from your social medias, don't try to contact her, go out with your friends, work on yourself. Change your hair, start working out, read a book, create a new playlist. Find things to focus rather than thinking about her and her new boyfriend.

    • see that's all well and good but I've done all that.. and my mind still comes back to her... :/

    • Because you're fighting your feelings. You probably have the thought of getting back together with her stuck in your mind and there's nothing more powerful than a thought. Believe that you will get over it and you will. Believe that nothing works and you can't move on and you won't

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  • It's only been a week. Give yourself time to heal and just enjoy just being about you. After a while you will be fine and ready to go.

    • its been 6 months... it was a week when she got her new boyfriend

    • Ah. I see. I think you just need to go out and do the things you enjoy and after a while you will feel they is someone better out there for you and move on.

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  • You can kill it but it's spirit will always be there.

  • Let it go and distract yourself. Set a goal to focus on. It took me years to get over a person. I did it by playing music.

    • see i thought i would try learning piano and guitar and singing (thats what im semi good at) but then after i had started i realised that she does all those things and now im stuck in an endless cycle of learning for the sake of learning and for the sake of proving to her im better then she thought

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