When does someone goes out of their way to show they have blocked you?

Like does that mean the person still cares? I am talking from relationship point of view like ex boyfriend and girlfriend.. why would an ex do that? I mean I recently emailed my ex. I have a mailtrack installed on my gmail. It clearly shows he read my email and he responds back saying mail did not get delievered he copy pasted half of it from the website lol. I mean why is he trying to show me that he blocked me when he can simply ignore?


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  • Clearly they care more about it than you do

  • He is playing a game

    • Why? He has blocked me everywhere couple days ago so I got into an accident so I reached out through email and this is what he did.. I mean why?

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    • I mean I can understand if he reads it and not reply to me. But why put in the effort to copy paste a failed email message and send it to me?
      Yeah I am not going to this was my last try I got into a horrible accident two days ago I tried reaching out to him through texts but nothing was going.. and now I did this and he responded this way.. so there is nothing more left to say to him..

    • Is he over me completely? I know people say opposite of love is indifference and not hate.. so if he has blocked me it shows he cares or no?

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  • Guess he REALLY doesn't want to communicate, that's a lot of effort!


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