Why Do Age Differences Make People Freak So Badly? my wife and I are 12 years apart. we had a good relationship. she loved me more than any woman evr?


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  • I guess when it's in their younger years like 16 years old dating a 28 years old or 18 dating a 30, just to keep it legal, people are questioning the guy's true motive. As the couple gets older however, it's less criticised on.

  • I believe that the difference is not the issue but rather at what point the difference occurs like if she was 12 when you where 24 or vice versa.

  • t your age it's not that bad, my mom was 18 and my dad was 31 when they married

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    • it's not the age that made the marriage. its the level of trust and the ability to share fantasies that glue two souls together.

    • I betrayed that trust (like an idiot) and ran off. So I take responsability for the failure.

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