Is it really getting cold feet if he leaves me for another woman two weeks after proposing? If not, can I get some perspective on what's going on?

I was in a relationship with my high school sweetheart for almost five years. We are almost 22. We were best friends and I stayed this night at his house (by his request) at least 5 nights a week. He proposed in March 2017 then called off the engagement two weeks later. He then admitted to talking to another girl but was torn because he wanted to work things out with me. He showed me that he blocked her number and that we would be fine. Turns out he memorized her number. He then started being mean and telling me lies to get me to break up with him so he wouldn't feel guilty but we had been together so long I wanted to make it work. He then broke off our five year relationship with a text then blocked me. He unblocked me to tell me to wait for him to fix his issues but I'm truth was dating this girl officially. She had a boyfriend for four years as well so two affairs had occurred for these two to Be together. I finally had to cut ties but then he started getting cruel. Rumors spread about how horrible of a person I was with intimate details about insecurities I had. I had never seen any signs of this before, so all this technically blindsided me. He and this girl are officially in a relationship now as well. I'm glad I didn't marry this man to say the least, however, is this behavior in any capacity normal for young men unsure of themselves or borderline narcissistic? Overall I'm thankful I'm not a part of that situation anymore but perspective would be lovely.


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  • There could be either two things he didn't loved you or he didn't loved you that much also that's horrible and cut him off I know that your weak to him but all you can do is wish him the best also age has nothing to do with this.


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