Should I greet my ex boyfriend a happy birthday?

my boyfriend and i is taking a break from our relationship a week ago. lack of time issues. Long story short, he got a new job with hectic schedules and i become clingy. he said im stressing him out, so i decided to give him space. Currently, w'ere on no contact phase but his birthday is coming tomorrow though, i dont know if i should greet him or not. i dont want to look clingy again and i want as much as possible to show him that my life goes on without him. not an ego issue, i just dont want him to worry about me. he love me he made that clear to me on our last talk. its just that he can't handle the pressure that i have given to him. should i contact him tomorrow and greet? ... please excuse my English. im not a native English speaker


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  • I was in the same situation. I would just say happy birthday plain and simple. You guys are adult ur just wishing him a happy birthday nothing more nothing less. If u want say happy birthday if u don't it's fine. I said happy birthday to the guy and he didn't say happy birthday to me that year until my next birthday and he wished me a happy Valentine's Day but not my birthday. Weird so if u wanna say happy birthday just say happy birthday that's it no lovey dovey stuff


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  • Yes. You should Greet him a Very Happy birthday and Say I love you.
    but not make such a huge mess about it.
    A simple phone call, a small gift or a Text will suffice :)

  • Why not?

  • it's ur wish u can wish or nt


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