Broke up with me and is hanging out with other guys next day?

so pretty much I was with my ex for nearly 6 months. She suffers from depression which made things much harder than they usually would be. At first it was amazing then the lust ran out we split up for two days due to arguments and then got back together as we promised to improve, and so we did. We barely argued and we started handling situations differently and we got on so well. We got so comfortable with each other that we would do weird things together, we laughed a lot until her depression on some days got bad. She tried to kill herself, got drunk tried to Od when I was in bed waiting on her. I heard knives rattle in the kitchen and went through and seen her covered in blood and cuts. I cleaned her up and and i stopped her from doing more Damage. The next day she tried tobgo outside when I knew she wanted to die (the way she acted) but I wouldn't let her outthe room and cuddled her on the bed until it passed as I know The suicidal thoughts only last a while.

She once took an anti depressant and 10 minutes later drank a 1/4 of vodka to try and get happy drunk to pass the feelings and that caused vomiting and she was afraid she would die when she didn't want to. So I get her through that night again and I told her to get help. So she did. She got new medication and it takes a while before it all kicks in so she could feel better.

About a month before our breakup she met this guy when she went out with her other guy friends ( in a band) and she took a selfie with him and she was like we get on so well and he's so nice. I jokingly said that she fancied him and she assured me she wasn't like that.
She kept in touch with him all the time and I didn't mind because I trusted her a lot. She went to his party and in the morning was texting me how much she loves me and misses me. She planned on moving in with me In the future and although she was waiting on her medication to make her feel better she was sad.

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The rest of my life story is here. Didn't realise how long it was. Sorry and thanks
Broke up with me and is hanging out with other guys next day?
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