Is she mad or is she really not going to talk to me anymore?

Me and my ex had a fight the other day. I told her I wasn't going to talk to anymore cause all our problems. I thought we can fix our problems by being apart for awhile and have time fix things cause when we try to fix things as friends and hanging out, it doesn't work.

For the past two days she has become distant. Like she doesn't want to text, or even call. I have to call multiple times, for her to answer the phone. Maybe 3 times.

She said she doesn't know if she wants to hang out but doesn't like talkin on the phone or texting.

Is she mad at me or does she want to stop talking to me?


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  • This "This @ I told her I wasn't going to talk to anymore cause all our problems" right there... And you expect her to behave the same? Get your things together and don't talk to her when you're feeling down.

    You need to think about it, think before you talk, if you want something,. you want that, you can't get all and don't lose anything.

  • She seems like she's done with your shit. Can't tell you what's going on in her head but communication is key.

  • move on start looking for someone who gives you less head aches ya she's mad also 3 day's isn't that long to fix things try a few months


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