Divorced because she's a lesbian?

struggling so hard with this. like, ok I get that this divorce is of nothing I could've controlled, been three weeks since the separation. how long is too long to pick yourself back up? why is this so difficult to accept?


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  • Because you love her maybe; and feel betrayed; or this feeling of knowing that if she weren't lesbian, she would be with you.


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  • have you ever seen FRIENDS?

  • Well most divorces are instigated by women. You are definitely right and I will go further to say that women will wait for months maybe even year to break up to coincide after major holidays and events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's, St Patrick's, her birthday, that holiday you paid for, your sister's big wedding, If she will need a date for a wedding or party etc. Also a serious amount of women will wait until they have another guy before breaking up, have found another single guy they like that's single, or a guy they've always liked is finally single and through this they will always have a break in case of emergency backup guy in case they break up with you and end up single in which case the guy she breaks up with maybe the back up guy. I will say that any guy that gets into a long term relationship with a woman who already has a boyfriend or is married is a fool and a dick.
    As for double standards, I personally think it's unfair to condemn people's preferences and choices when it comes to dating as we are attracted to who we are attracted to and can't help how we feel. I've noticed that even the most feminist women will often end up with a sexist alpha male type and myself personally I could never date an obese woman no matter her personality.


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