I hate this feeling alot?

What do you do when you're trying so hard to get over that someone but all it does it make you fall for the person deeper and harder... we're growing distant day by day and our text messages got so short than our old ones. I don't know if it's me or he found someone or he's not interested anymore but it's just so painful. I'm really trying my best to get over him... what would you do if you were me?


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  • If I were you I would cut him out completely. I would stop seeing him in person, delete his number, and stop checking his social media. I would also fill that time that I usually spend texting him and do things that I like and that make me feel good. After a while I would talk to guys that reciprocate interest rather than ones that leave me wondering if they like me. But that's just what I would do 😌


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  • first : stop contacting him/her. Block on all social media, preferably on phone as well. If you have any photos, delete them. Any gift by them, hide it.

    It will take a while, and it will be painful. But you have no other option.


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