Why did my ex leave me in the gutter?

Me and my ex were mates. He wanted to meet me, so I agreed. Saying how he misses me etc, then the next he's got a girlfriend, and said he doesn't want contact, and that we were going to meet as friends, even though he was being really flirtatious. Why would he hurt me that much? Especially knowing he's hurt me.. What kind of person would do that?


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  • A naive girl thinking that going with there ex is as smart as a long distance relationship. You committed a crime. But hopefully I hope time heals. Never go out with your ex nor go into a long distance relationship.

    • I'm not exactly na├»ve. I generally thought he was being honest, as he said he was. Full of bullshit clearly. Especially him being my first love. But we're on no contact so I'm hoping time will heal.
      Never going there ever again. An ex is an ex for a reason, we didn't work, why bother trying again? But especially trying to dirty talk with me, and saying he'd fuck me again, that just takes it to a whole new level..

    • actually that fucked up, what an asshole. Im glad its over and done with, dunno where he get the idea of saying what he want. but shit ain't gonna happen again. yeah someone being your first can hurt and theyll be on your mind a lot but just give your self time to relax, breath and you do you.

    • Exactly. Even his best mate told me I can do so much better, and we've actually met up a few times, as he's a lot nicer than my ex tbh. No he'll never get to touch me ever again, no hugs, nothing. If I do see him again, I'll completely ignore him, and I reckon he'd be hurt by that. I'll show him I'm happier without him, because I actually am. Focusing on me, loosing the weight I want to lose, getting a new job, saving to move out.. just doing me really. Don't need to be in a relationship to make me happy like him, which I incredibly sad in all honesty.

  • He is your EX. He has no obligation to care about what hurts you. You should have put down your foot when he was flirting and should have put some boundries.

    • But still, I understand that, but I don't know how someone can be so heartless. I was willing to be mates too, until he took it way too far!

    • thats what happens when you let your guards down.

      Anyways, take this as a lesson and never be in touch with him. You dont owe him anything, not even friendship.

  • I think the system of Ex should be eliminated. Either a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend or stranger. No 'Ex's.


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