My ex is accusing me of things I never even did?

I reached out to my ex boyfriend after I had a huge accident.. he said he was sad that I didn't die. And he accused me of something I didn't even do. He said I reached out to his female friends saying he had sex with them and he was a rapist and stuff. This is all untrue and I am not sure who told him this? I don't know what to do, he has a big misunderstanding. What do I do?


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  • i simply Can't complain why he is your ex! 😣 he deserves to be punished and not talked!! No need to ask such guys or even get hurt by such schmuck who wishes bad for you.. just feel fortunate you're alive.. live your new life happier than ever.. have a blasting party for your survival.. that would freak him out more.. and never dare to talk to him.. even if he wants in a good or bad way.. Have A better 2nd life dear!👍

    • he has blocked me completely after writing this to me. He didn't even give me a chance to explain myself to him. Should i try reaching out to him to clear my side? I feel its very unfair for him to accuse me of things that i never did.

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    • So even after he accused me of false things, I should not react or reach out to him explaining myself? If I don't message him wouldn't he think that I did it?

    • Look honey.. if he's not at all giving you any chance to talk.. how would you.. the bare maximum you can do.. is drop at his place and talk.. I don't think he would even open the door.

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  • Don't contact him again. He's being a huge asshole and is probably trying to get a reaction out of you.


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  • See how people just make up stuff? Forget about him

  • Leave him alone. He's an ex for a reason.


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