What do I do about my relationship?

i just got out of a Three year on&off relationship with a girl i really truly loved, and she claimed she loves me but iv been lied to manipulated and disrespected yet my head says no but my heart is always telling me to get her back. she leaves me for a few months then ends up coming back to me and i always take her back. i want to this time but i can't do this for the rest of my life n i sure as sh*t can't take the heart ache anymore.. what is yalls opinions?


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  • The best thing to do is end it, if you've been lied to and manipulated. Plus, during those months you were not together, she was probably with another guy not even thinking about you. I could be wrong my guy, but find someone who shows you the respect you show them. Relationships aren't one way streets

    • thats just it each time i slept with someone else and so did she. but she was sending nude to i can't even count how many people as well as sleeping with guys. i appriciate your opinion very much so man. love is a pain in the ass

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    • Dude it's no problem, you're still a young guy (as am I) but patience is key to this

    • agreed like i can do my single life when im gettin f*cked up but in the end i want an ol lady n iv tried talkin to chicks but jist feels a bit fucking like imma fuck it up or say the wrong thing. i forgot how much insecurities come with being single

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