Is this my fault or what's the deal with him?

So there was this guy I was talking to for about a month and a half. Me and him hit it off so good we were like a perfect match. Everything was going so well and we talked about our past both of us had somebody who cheated on us , however it was obvious he was still very insecure more than I was. So when we were together he would see sometimes guys hitting me up just like "hey what's up".
but I would never reply because that is very disrespectful. And he will get mad at things I would do such as when I would put my phone down on the table I had the screen face down out of habit but he got mad saying I was hiding something...
Mind you I met his mom, he's met both of my parents.. we were just talking about how we don't want to play any games and he wants to be serious with me... we're both 21... anyways Long story short I go on his Facebook and see he Facebook married some girl!!!
. I call him out on it on the phone , freaking out and he said he did it because he's "playing the game I play" that I played him... which I never did. I was 100% faithful to him.. is there such guys that are so insecure that can just think "she's probably cheating on me I'm going to cheat on her first" ? I obviously cut him off.. but it sucks so bad.. I'm wondering if I'll hear from him once he realizes I was faithful. Your opinions?


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  • He sounds insecure and its nothing you can do to keep a man like this at ease. He will always think you have someone else because your young and attractive. And thats what a lot of guys go for. You can "try" to stick it out but i dont see it lasting long honestly.


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