Ex wants to me to wait for a month and a half as friends before a relationship? Why?

Me and my ex broke up a lot but now she's back telling me that she wants to wait for a month and a half for our relationship. This means full blown friends.



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  • She wants to be able to see if you two can work together again first. Always friends first, then a relationship


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  • XD XD hahahahaha not laughing at you ok. lol fun fact 99% of relationships start out as friends cause thats how girls are wired. now ask yourself is she the type to sleep with her friends or does she genuinely have friends. see i blast threw this phase cause i make friends easy an i am not excepted sex or even your attention i entertain myself she needs to see that you can be mature an follow directions. if you like her be her friend if you as a man cannot accept this then walk away its easier to be honest to your feelings then to bottle them as a friend speak your mind ask her why.. peace


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