WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY Letter wil this work?

Hi 🙂


"No matter what you think, I do miss you, I miss being able to pick up the phone and talk to you, especially when I'm upset, but I can never ever forgive you for some of the things you have said."🙈


SO THEN if this is how you feel... message me / call me/ if this is how you truly feel... what are you waiting for… I'm ready and waiting to make things right… 🙂I feel the same way about you.

I’ve never been so positive that I know things can be worked out between us if your willing to compromise with me and forgive and forget on that issue of name calling, relationships deal with fall outs rach and make ups it's normal, its what makes a relationship stronger and closer. I’m not saying by any means the name calling is right and was acceptable at all and I’m sorry for that which is why I think we can save our relationship, because it won't happen anymore between us I see my past mistakes and I'm wanting to and willing to fix them and build a stronger relationship with each other if you are wanting and willing to.

All though I hurt you with those words and I’m regretful everyday about it, i do think its a minor mistake to pay for a 3 year relationship wouldn’t you agree for a couple who have been together 3 years and succeed and challenged through some bad times but we made it, we have all our great memories that fare outway any bad ones, and for us to just give it all up from an adults point of view is pretty crazy considering the future we both talked about and wanted. Things can be so much better for us if we are both willing to be adults and put the past behind us and move on with each other and learn from past mistakes together as a couple.

+1 y
just look at the positives 7/1

You miss me …. I miss you
You miss being able to talk to me …. I really miss this to
You miss me being there for you …. I miss that to
You miss me supporting you ……… I miss this more then anything
You clearly care for me /us ………… I feel the same
When your upset you want to talk to me … This is love and trust and I want you to talk to me to
You wished I was up there with you the other week more then anything … so did and do I
I'm waiting/willing to
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY Letter wil this work?
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