Guys, Understanding What's Happened?

Hi guys,

So recently I got into a 'thing' with a Leo. He was strong, funny, cocky and just a little arrogant.
But when we were together- we started fires. Now, we didn't use protection as the doctors told me four years ago I couldn't have any children as I wasn't producing eggs. But I had a positive test two weeks ago that said that I was early but pregnant. I felt it right to tell him, not leave him in the dark. He went nuts and indicated he'd prefer me to abort. I didn't hear from him until a week later. He asked me how I Was, but by the time I read the message the next morning, he had blocked me from Facebook response and I don't have his mobile number. This day, i went for a blood test to check my hormone levels. Indicated a chemical pregnancy. 5 days since he blocked me and nothing... I want to be a queen and be strong- but I need to know if I have any shot of getting him back? Or go it alone again? He said he loved me first. And I have to admit to be being very seriously in like with him... What does this behaviour say?


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  • Well, he's in shock, depending upon maturity and how real his feelings are, he just might come back and finish that family with you. I would definitely find documentation regarding your reproductive issues so he knows you weren't feeding him a line to trap him. That is an honest and valid concern.

    I wish you the best, these are scary times. The times that really determine what people are made of.

    • Hi goondaddy- thanks for your response. Can i ask what you mean by finish that family with me? X

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    • Thank you. Wasn't sure if you meant abort... X

    • Nah. I'd hope that he would return with the best of intentions...

  • since you told him that you can not get pregnant and no need fpr protection, when you said you are pregnant he probably would have thought you were some crazy girl who wanted to trap him with pregnancy.

    That is a really difficult situation to handle.

  • I think he's afraid, I don't know what else i can say


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