Guys, Understanding What's Happened?

Hi guys,

So recently I got into a 'thing' with a Leo. He was strong, funny, cocky and just a little arrogant.
But when we were together- we started fires. Now, we didn't use protection as the doctors told me four years ago I couldn't have any children as I wasn't producing eggs. But I had a positive test two weeks ago that said that I was early but pregnant. I felt it right to tell him, not leave him in the dark. He went nuts and indicated he'd prefer me to abort. I didn't hear from him until a week later. He asked me how I Was, but by the time I read the message the next morning, he had blocked me from Facebook response and I don't have his mobile number. This day, i went for a blood test to check my hormone levels. Indicated a chemical pregnancy. 5 days since he blocked me and nothing... I want to be a queen and be strong- but I need to know if I have any shot of getting him back? Or go it alone again? He said he loved me first. And I have to admit to be being very seriously in like with him... What does this behaviour say?
Guys, Understanding What's Happened?
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