How to turn down a guy gently?

This guy liked me and I lead him on because I was stupid and confused the "I like u as a person and as a friend" with actual romantic interest. In the last 5 days he seem to like me way more than I like him. Already saying I'm crazy for him, I'm his, I can't run away because he holds me. And so on. We dont text or talk in those 5 days he just holds me so is just physical and little contact.

This past 3 days I been distant, not letting him touch me or be to close. Now he never ask me out. And now that I'm distant but close (cuz I still care for him as a friend). Anyways today he said if I liked to go to somewhere expensive. And I rejected the offer, it seem like everyone took it as a joke so I don't know if he was serious.

But yea. How do I turn him down? What should I say? Not in text cuz thats cold although it would be easy for me since I dont have to see him. Specially since in his mind he thinks I'm crazy in love with him which I'm not.
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Do I wait for him to lead up to the question or do I tell him there on?
How to turn down a guy gently?
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