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Why treat people like crap in your relationship and then regret it after they've left you?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I've never treated anyone crap in my relationships I've always been on the receiving end of such nusty stuff

    • That suckeths, good man

    • i normally am donno why got treated poorly though... question of life i suppose

    • Maybe you need to change the people you're attracted to? Anyhow, take care

Most Helpful Girl

  • Coz some people don't realise what they had until they've lost it. It's not until you're missing in their life that they realise just how valuable you were in their life

    . Sometimes people don't think they'll ever lose you , so they test your limits

    I can't understand people who cry for what they lost, but when they had it they didn't "fight "to keep it


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  • I am suffering the same... Just take ur time... Time will say everything...


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