Anyone- What questions do I ask him?

Im going to be straight up with the guy I'm talking to and ask him how he feels about me. But I feel like I'm going to miss some questions to ask him. I want him to know I'm 100% serious and I just need help with how I should approach, act, and take in what he tells me. I'm new to all this for he is the first boy who I might start a relationship with.


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  • I just think you should express your feelings and then ask him out (hopefully that's the only question you'll need)

    • I'm trying to take it slow, so asking him out probably isn't the best rn.

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    • Oh man if others are saying it then i'm pretty sure there's something. Just try and build up confidence and ask him when you feel comfortable.

    • Yeah I will! Thank you so much

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  • You are 15. Just do it. Ask him out. Get to know each other. Asking a teenage boy about his feelings for you isn't gonna work. He's a teenage boy!! If you like him and he likes you then date. But seriously teenage relationships rarely last long. So just get on with it for the life experience of having your first boyfriend.

    • He says he doesn't know how he feels so how am I suppose to know if he likes me. Why would I date someone who doesn't share the same feelings for me that I do for them.

    • Dating is just that, dating. Getting to know someone. Do you have feelings for this person or are you just attracted to them?

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  • No abort mission he ain't in it for love if he hasn't asked you yet

  • go to him ask him out then propose him share your feelings with him. just do these he'll do the rest 😊

    • I think I should state my feelings first then ask him out later 😂😂

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    • good luck

  • Do you own a 9/16th wrench


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