Should I let go?

So at work I kinda like my boss. I'm not exactly an employee - kinda like an intern. He's older than me. So today was my last day and he kept saying that I could come back anytime. He said it like 4 times.[ "You can always come back" "Drop in anytime" ] . I was like half way out the door and he called me back around to say that I could always come back. I felt like we have a connection because we always have really strong eye contact with each other. I see him walk by me all the time and like glance at me. Sometimes when we're talking he'll forget what he's saying. It's hard to explain but I kinda just feel something between us. It sucks that he's older than me and that I'll probably not see him again. I honestly never felt like this about any guy before. I kinda imagine like a future for us. I'm scared that he could be that 'someone' for me but I'm missing out on the chance. I'm planning to go back one more time to visit. I'm not sure about his feelings or if I'm just imagining everything .

Do you think I should just let go? How do you know if that one person is who you're suppose to be with?


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  • That's the best part about life. You have to gamble. You have to trust your intuition. If you honestly think the two of you clicked, you should pursue him. If you don't, you might live with this regret.


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  • As long as the professional relationship is no longer in existence, why ignore a connection that you had with him. If I were you, I'd lead him into the first move to be sure it's mutual. As far as how do you know- you just know. I always thought people were insane and that "you just know" was a load of BS... until I just knew. The only way I can describe it is an embeded feeling of respect, lust, and admiration. You will have no doubts when you find that. Good luck!


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