Am I a horrible person for cheating on my boyfriend emotionally?

I have now dated my boyfriend for a little over 7 months. We say I love you, and I really do think he is the one. Before I started dating him I had dated this other guy for two years. He was my first love and my first time, so when I had first started dating my recent boyfriend I didn't stop talking to my ex. I still told him I loved him and wanted to be with him, but he knew I had a boyfriend. I let this go on for six months;however, once me and my recent boyfriend started saying I love you I refused to talk to him on the phone anymore and I barely text him. This was in the fourth month of dating. Also I never physically cheated on my boyfriend now. My ex came over the one day and kissed me but I pushed him away and told him no and that I didn't want to, and also at this time me and my boyfriend were on a break from each other. After this incident I ended everything and stopped talking to him completely. I told my boyfriend that I had talked to my ex when we first started dating but then that was it so it was kind of the truth. I just feel really guilty about it and I don't know what to do. My ex told me I was going to go to hell and everything, but I don't want him I want my boyfriend now.


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  • Tell your boyfriend the truth. The whole truth.


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  • Most likely, you will end up telling him, since you obviously feel guilty about it. But maybe it's not guilt you are feeling? Maybe you just feel the need to express the fact that something he was/wasn't doing couldn't keep you away from your ex. Something about him wasn't satisfying enough...

    Find that 'something'. Otherwise, just tell him you basically cheated, and it will be over and done with.

    Enjoy yourself.


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