My ex wanted to be friends, so why doesn't he ever want to hang out?

My ex broke up with me 4 months ago, but we had hooked up a couple of times since then, the last time being 5 weeks ago. It seems I always initiate contact, texting how he is, etc. My question is, should I cut ties with him and move on? I feel he just isn't into me anymore, but why would he respond to my texts if he knows I still have feelings for him? I did ask him why doesn't he just tell me to leave him alone, and his response was it wouldn't be right, that he's not like that. Seems it would be easier for me if he would!


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  • I went through the exact same thing with an ex a long time ago. She breaks up with me and wants to be friends, but doesn't contact me. Then later when I stopped talking to her she wondered why. It's best that you don't talk to him anymore and just move on, especially before he finds someone else because that will hurt you badly. Think about this, friends hand out, talk, chill, go places and so on. What you are in isn't a friendship. It's best to move on and never talk to him again. No you might think that he might come back to you, and if you move on that he will just forget about you totally and leave you. I have news for you, he's already left you. He just wanted to let you down easy and used the friendship card. If you stop talking to him totally, one of two things will happen. He will start to think why you don't talk anymore and he will try to reach out to you (and if he does don't contact him until hours or days later and say you were busy, but I choose to never talk again), or he won't contact you at all thus giving you your answer on how he feels either way. You have to move on, and move on ASAP. As a girl I'm sure you have told guys to "just be friends" before and acually thought you were "friends". When people do this, it's to ease off of you slowly instead of cold turkey. Not talking to someone completely is a shock treatment, and that's what you must do. When you find another guy, please don't think about this guy and think about the past because it can ruin a good thing. Move on, stay strong, have fun, meet other guys, enjoy life.


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  • Yes if you want to move on you will cut it at the roots or else there will always be games!


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  • Iwent throught the exact same thing I was in your position months back he broke up with me and he still wanted to be friends sure we would han out a couple of times right after the break up and we hooked up once and we stil text once in while too but the best thing is to move one one of the easiest ways to do that is by going out with friends and just getting your mind off it it will help you both and I'm guessing it still hurts you to talk to him that's how I felt until I desided to move on and just do my own thing.

    • Thank you for your comments...means alot!

      I know that's what I NEED to do. I slipped up and text him last night, and now, I feel like an idiot for doing so. He knows I miss him. Someone once told me, why would you want someone who doesn't want you? :/

    • Than's so true why would you keep on going after some one who doesn't see you the same way you see them anymore I learn that the hard way but time is the best medicine trut me but in order for you not to miss him you got to do things to get your mind off him like hang out with your friends because if you stay alone then you will just get depressed but good luck I know you can do it..!!

    • Thank you! I agree! The busier I keep myself, the less I have time to think of him. That, and time really is the best medicine :)

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