Will this man ever realise he's lost out on me?

My ex and I were due to marry in 3months. Homestly, I wasn't happy but I didn't hav the courage 2 call it off. We were 2geva only 8 months & it was a long distance r'ship. Our good times lasted first 3months. I wanted more time in getting 2know him but he was adamant on marrying asap & settling down. I agreed. As time went, I realised he had no respect4 me, arguments became frequent & he resorted2 calling me derogatory names each time. Names included "retard", "imbecile." I explained hw I felt but he would say "I hav to call u names because I can't hit a girl; Name calling isn't personal2 me; ur over sensitive." On many occasions, he'd demand a break away. He even used to check out other girls in front of me. He wanted me 2become more modest with my clothing even tho I don't wear revealing clothes. The last few weeks of our break up bcame really bad. I put him first in absolutely everythin, gave him so much, recreated his CV, made lots of effort2 go c him. He was so ungrateful. During this time I was realisin he wasn't ready4 commitment as his decisions didn't consider me. I wasn't goin 2get a proper honeymoon bcoz of his messy finances but he was goin abroad4 a stag. We decided a break for 2wks & 2 days in I created an Instagram a/c. I went2 follow him, I saw that he had liked a girl's pic who was wearin next2 nothin. I felt so hurt. Hypocrite. Next, I made a mistake which I feel so disappointed in myself 4. He'd told me somethin in confidence & in anger, I exposed this secret to his dad. Since then, he has blocked me on wtsapp & doesn't want anythin2 do wiv me. I've told him countless times I'm sorry, but he doesn't want me. I've been texting him quite a lot with abuse & he said I was harrassing him & ignored me after. 1 month down the line, I see that he's enjoying life & been on holiday.
But my only question: will he eva realise what he has lost in me? He'd told me on the day I returned his belongings2 him that other than the mistake I'd made, I was perfect.


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What Guys Said 1

  • You are way better than most, based on what you have described. He is the kind of guy who will never realise your worth, will never admit that he was on the wrong, will mentally and emotionally torture his SO the whole life. In simple words, He isn't worth you


What Girls Said 2

  • He is trying to play the victim and make it seem like you are in the wrong. But in reality it is him. He is the one that calls you names and does not respect you. So why do u want to considee being with a man like this? He should be the one begging you back not the other way around. Not you.

  • Really? In the first part of this description you point out what a horrible boyfriend/fiance you had, then in the second half you whine about how he isn't there anymore and you want him to miss you.
    That is way to much crazy in one post.
    You need to focus on you and find worth in yourself. Stop waiting for others to make you feel like you matter.
    You were in an unhealthy relationship, be glad it is over, not worrying about whether he misses/cares about what you are doing.


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