Help/advice? Friendship relationship?

I am a University college student in first relationship situation that has been on my mind. Logan** and I began our friendship at work. It was a healthy friendship and we began to fall for each other after 6-7 months. We began to date and I found out he was lying to me. He was on Tinder and blocked Facebook friends from seeing our relationship status. (he posted it so I could only see, I would post photos tagged with him in and he would untag himself) He also thought I should know is schedule at all times. I think he was afraid since we worked together and it was soon in the relationship. But right there I broke things off with him. I felt strong I did, and I left for my study abroad trip in which I didn't receive any support from him during our relationship. I left without bye or anything, and I know he doesn't owe that but it hurt.
I came back from the trip and we began seeing eachother again. I wanted to have a healthy friendship with him, but I know it was hard for both of us. He told me he wanted that, too, but would not respond to me when I'd ask if we could do something together. We met on his own time and everything he wanted to do. I really wanted to show him that I wanted support- as he was originally my friend. He changed after dating.
I nagged him so much (I know this is wrong) and he called me a stalker, then he said he had feelings for me. He said he never wants to speak to me again after my nagging and asking for closure, goodbye forever, etc. and on social media he continued to follow and look at all my stuff. I asked if he felt that way, to unfollow me. he did.
I wanted a friendship out of this and I understand the way dating changed us, I have shared a lot with him and when he was my friend, he really was there. I see the warning flags but I am having a hard time moving on. I feel lost in my emotions. Do you think he will ever speak to me again? What are ways I can move past it?


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  • remember one thing. never give too much importance to someone in your life. it will make you feel alone while he is away!
    better be bold and tell him what you want. also tell him whatever you know and think about him!!!

    • He made me feel I had to give him importance when I am focused on college. Or that I like to go out and have fun and didn't even want a relationship and we were friends. He hates me because of those things. I need help to get back to my normal self. But thank you

  • He is just being too possessive, or insecure in other words...

    • I know he is seeing another girl now. And she is always at his place and he does not do much for her. She is 4-5 years younger than him. I see the signs but it is hard for me to move on for some reason

    • Just chill... Take a deep breath... I've been through such thing few years back

    • So js move on and find another fish๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘

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