My ex-boyfriend who I want back just texted me?

I have been broken up with my boyfriend since February after about 6 months of constant fighting due to stress in his life and me moving to college. We have always been long distance and we were very much in love.

We remained messaging one another since the break up and I thought we were going to try and make it better. (See other post for more details about the breakup)

About a month or so ago he seemed resistant to wanting to message me and he really wanted to move on because he didn't see me trying to fix the relationship. The truth is, I really wasn't actively trying and that's my fault. Turns out he has been talking to another girl for this past month and he seems to like her. She is long distance too which was one of my ex's reasons for breaking up with me.

So about 2 weeks ago I began becoming very desperate and I messages him saying sorry a million times. At this point I had been learning more about myself and the relationship and I was willing to fix it. By the time that it took me to learn my lesson and step up to the plate to fix the relationship he had moved on. This is when I became very heartbroken.

I cried to him on the phone and messaged him constantly out of desperation. I know you aren't supposed to do this, but I couldn't help myself... I was so sad. He told me we had no chance and that he really like this new girl. He posted a pic of her as his WCW.

He knew I was really depressed and sad these past few weeks. Today he messaged me "Hey, how have you been lately?"

My question is: Is he just trying to be friendly and make sure I didn't hurt myself or something or is he trying to spark a conversation with me and try again at the relationship.

How should I respond if I want him back or should I not respond at all so that he thinks I'm not desperate for him? I don't want to be mean and not respond if he is just checking up on me... But i want him back at the same time and I don't want to face rejection again if tell him how much I miss him
He asked me if I had sex or kissed anyone yet? Does this mean he secretly has feelings for me? What does this mean?


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  • Since you came off as an emotional wreck on the phone I think he felt bad and wants to make sure you are ok. I think you need to move on now. You've been delaying that for half a year now.

    • From my point of view I think we just needed time away from each other. Sometimes being long distance, losing a job, being in a car accident, and going to college and having to meet new people and focus on school can cause too much stress on a relationship.

      I wish we chose not to speak since the breakup so that we could each get our shit together and maybe try it again in the near future.

      Now that I have adjusted to college and have a career choice planned out and he got a new well paying job and is saving money for his own education, I think we would be able to work it out... I am afraid it may be too late.

      Think we could still have a future together?

    • I don't see a future together. Seems you met at the wrong place and the wrong time. It happens no use trying to fix everything. I would just move on and start fresh.

  • can someone summarize for me

    • Broke up because of stress in our individual lives.
      Ex boyfriend moved on and told me to get away from him
      I want to make it work
      Ex boyfriend is talking to new red head
      I was desperate for s while calling/messaging all the time
      He told me to move on and was stern
      He texted me asking if I was okay
      How to get him back/act like I'm not interested in him so that he misses me?

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    • with the way things are all I can say is give it a try but if still tells u to move on then I guess its time to move on

      nd believe me u will find love again

      just give it a try

    • well he might still like u so he's just keeping tabs

      so like I said try

  • suck his cock


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