Why can't I get over him?

so I had a fling months ago with a guy but i felt like his friendship was also important. I said things when I was angry and he never forgave me for it, then he started being very mean to me and it felt like he was trying to intentionally hurt me. And his words hurt me too. The last time I saw him he basically said he didn't want to talk to me anymore. I've been so hurt but all of this. I cannot get over him. I've tried everything! and I still think about him everyday. I miss him and can't stop thinking I wish things didn't go so badly and it's not able to be fixed now. I miss him so much.
Help? How can I get over him?


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  • The only way you will get over him is to find someone new...

  • love someother dear , he is not perfect. just by some angry words he turn you down. he is not Worthy

  • You need a rebound guy... uhummm.. uhummm.. 😊


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