How can you be friends with an ex, but move on at the same time?

I met a guy almost 8 months ago. We had a long distance something, we haven't quite labeled our thing. I fell for him hard, he seemed like he fell for me too. But a month ago he told me we should stop this whole thing because it's not doing good for any of us. We remained friends though. The kind of friends that text each other every 2 or 3 days and flirt slightly. I know i have to move on because we don't stand a chance. If it wasn't for the distance, we would have been together and would still have hope. Now all we have are friendly texts. But I can't seem to move on if we still keep in touch. At the same time though, I want to talk to him, I want to know how he's doing. I'm breaking my own heart doing this. I also constantly check him online. I don't know how I will cope with the fact that he'll soon be dating other girls. Why does he still want to be friends with me? How can I find confort in this situation, without losing contact with him?


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  • i have only witnessed this once with younger generation (28 year olds). i have seen this multiple times with old folks (50-80 years old)

    you both can still be friends if you Both can move past sexual thoughts. as long as you both are dating other people, And those other people are ok with you and your ex being friends then no problem

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    • You keep sending this to every single breakup related question, like it's going to help with something. I know there are probably other people in the same situation, but i need help on my question, not others

    • Yes I do... because the answer is always the same... move on.. don't concern yourself with an ex... maybe, someday, everyone will get it.

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  • For me it's easy but for my exes it was hard cos they are still pestering me to get back with them or they try too hard to stay relevant in my life. I just ignore them


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