How to get over your best friend/crush and the fact that they will not have time for you anyway in the future?

i am at my very last semester in colleague and i am in love with a male friend. since he has almost only female friends i was pissed at him at some point, i think he liked me also quite some time ago but especially that being pissed (and that already happened 4 times) kind of made him not like me anymore in that way i guess.
what hurts most is that he wants to be a consultant what means that he would be home on saturdays and sundays only if at all and probably nothing in this world can stop him from doing that for 2 years.
it really breaks my heart
how can i get over all of this?


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  • get that set of various chocolate products, sit at a tv with some friends and watch some movies. least that's what i would do


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