Should I do it?

So its kind of a long story, but to keep it short im just going to say that i miss my ex. We ended on a very bad note and it kills me. But i just hate having to see him everyday and not even being able to say high or just smile at him in the hall.

I dont think we could get back together, mainly because i can't see him wanting to, which is understandable but i would gladly take being friends.

Just would it be weird or odd if i just starting talking to him again out of the blue?


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  • These behaviors are normal. But either you can pick up where you start or move on

  • Be straughtforward, like this:

    "Hey this tension between us is really awkward, so lets just be friends."

    If he says yes, then start talking.

    • I legit did this with my ex, because it was way too awkward.

    • ok thank you!

    • Np. It should work. Used to work for me all the time.

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