How to get over a three year relationship?

Only comment if you've gotten over a 2year+ relationship


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  • Spending a lot of time with friends and family, getting drunk, focusing on yourself, and not talking to your ex and deleting them off any social media

    • Yeah I agree to this except the drinking part. Alcohol acts as a downer so it's best not to depend on it. If you do it might turn out to be a cancer of your life.

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  • You never do buddy. A relationship that long is not possible to "get over".
    I haven't. I still miss her. I still think about those days. It's been more than a year. But it feels like yesterday.


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  • time is the only and best healer for moving on from a long relationship. cause it gives you time to get back to the way you used to be and knowing how to do you again


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