3 years toghter, she cheated on me i forgave her, she then just dropped me and blocked me everywhere, then out of the blue she texts me and then dissapears again?

what kind of game is she playing because 2 days before she texted me she rang my sister saying i want nothing to do with him anymore please tell him not to contcat me or message me. So i do and then 2 days later she's e mailing me but didn't un block me from imessage? any advice guys please?

also I've tried to patch things up but when i try that it causes more problems then good its crazy its like dealing with a 16 year old and she's 28 years old wtf?


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  • Sounds like an attention seeker to me! And a troublesome one too. I would just ignore her completely, don't even bother responding to her! She doesn't sound like she's worth the effort.

    • crazy hey... 3 years with each other... dropped me like a ton of stone... had be begging for 3 months haha she cheated i fogive her and i let slip one day when she made me re act to how she was behaving sadly i called her a slut which was the effects of anger on what she had done to me... and since then its been begging and pleading which stopped for me about 1 month a go. didn't think i deserved the boot though after 3 years for one mistake espcailly after she accepted my promise ring and still wears it until this day

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    • she works at sea in the usa you see we are from the uk so she was gone for 4 months, and maybe thought id never found out but the guilt must of got to her and 6 months later she confussed by saying do you belive in karma, kinda shocking it took her 6 months to confess though considering each day she told me she loved me and misses me very sad to accept

    • You're welcome 😊 I've been cheated on before too. Sucks doesn't it! I did everything I could for my partner at the time, even managed to find her a good place to start up her dream job! Feels like a spit in the face when you find out they've been seeing other people though doesn't it. At least yours eventually had the decency to admit that she cheated, I found out by mistake from the other guy my partner was seeing as we both worked at the same place lol

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