Hope of getting back with an ex?

After no contact and I have worked on myself, is there hope of rekindling things? we broke up because I put all of my baggage on him and it was too much pressure, it was me being to dependant on him and as a result it was making the both of us unhappy with where things could have been headed. It had nothing to do with our feelings for eachother, just us both needing to work on ourselves and things not being right in the momment. the breakup was dragged out and emotional for us both but after NC for 1 month we left things off on good terms and terms that once we've healed we will be friends. So, is it possible that he could fall back in love with me or wanting to revisit us once I have dealt with my own baggage, and worked on bettering myself to become self-dependanr, matured in terms of where my priority in my education lies, and once I have learned to love myself? I also know that my behavioyr would have to change in areas. I would need to practice patience and understanding


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  • You would need to hope that he doesn't move on during the time you change your behavior. I think it's unlikely, since patience and understanding take a while to work on and improve. He would have likely moved on, his feelings for you no longer those of a romantic kind and just those of friendship. Plus, even if he somehow didn't move on, he might be reluctant to give it a second try since his last relationship with you was unhappy, once burned, twice shy. It's possible, but in general fairly unlikely.


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