My mate told my ex how happy I am without him in my life and he blocked her from messaging him.. is he bothered? I think so 😂?


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  • I don't understand, this kind of behaviour from either the man side or the woman.

    What are you like five years old?

    The point is that, the need to tell someone this means you ain't over yet with you're Ex.

    I hate this because my ex was the same trying to lure me into confrontation and wasting precious time on pointless conversations.

    You need to move on! Like for real!!!

    And what he did was the right thing. Because believe me if you keep this up he will even the game with you.

    Either admit that you miss the guy or move on and don't post this kind of childishly behaviour online.

    Sorry but as a man and an honest person I had to say it.
    Don't want to offend you but give you lesson on what is wrong.


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  • Sounds like he is bothered lol otherwise he would say good for her or something like that and not be irritated.


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  • haha you are insane if you are trying to mess with him...😒 I won't really be upset about an ex like you and I think he won't be , cause both of you are nuisance... to him... just move on.. and he would have moved on already...😂

  • Ok, why do you care anymore?


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