Lately I broke up with my best friend?

lately I broke up with my bestfriend since she left me I just keep on feeling that my life has been destroyed from my social media to my personal life , I feel no one really wants to hang out with me but because my Bestfriend and I broke up for a good reason I shouldn't be sad but because she was my best friend and kinda back stabbed me makes me feel lonely any tips on how I'm supposed to get back to my life and be happy by myself I mean alone?


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  • I lost a friend that I considered to be my best friend for a while (because I liked her) although we really weren't that close. Now she hates me and we're not friends anymore. I felt very sad for a long time (about 3 months with complications). Now I've started thinking in terms of hate rather than love or friendship. It's the only way I can feel happy. This is probably much harder for you because you were actually close friends, but it takes time and whatever happens, you will get though it.

    • thank you though , I know it will take time but do you think I should be friends who are also friends with her?

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    • In short, I think you should avoid her but keep your friends.

    • thank you so much for your advice really means a lot to me I would surely do this thank you onec again ❤

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