Ex boyfriend moved out of state & is now coming back? Weird behavior.. help!

OK so my ex boyfriend decided to break up with me my ignoring me about a month after he moved out of state. He didn't bother contacting him and neither did i. I recently got a phone call from him & he told me he doesn't wanna lie but he did meet a girl but they "don't talk" & broke up but got back together or something & was basically calling me to vent I guess... He kept b****ing about how he can't come back because he has no money & blah blah blah. then 2 days later he texts me saying he's coming back & texted him asking how? & why but he never responded... then this morning he texted me saying he is in fact on his way but he doesn't know if he's going to come back to the same area or even the same state... why would he be telling me this if he has no intention of returning back home.. very strange. I don't really care what happens, I'm over him but its just bothering me how he's acting weird... any ideas? THANKS!


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  • i think he's interested in seeing how you feel for him at this very moment. he's dipping into yur life, but not soaking his feet so to speak. id say if you break contact with him period, it will definently send the correct message

    • Thanks for the response. Its similar to what I was thinking. Do you think he's planning on coming back to the same area?

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    • Sadly, guys can be predictable in many situations like these. of course, there are a few out there not like those, but more often times than not, its not a pretty site. it just takes experience to see the signs. I've had friends do almost the same type of things to girls before, and its just amazing how they live with that in the back of their head.

    • Ugh I know its terrible. Epically when he tells me he "loved me" right before he moved & then finds another chick,, yeah that's just fantastic

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