(MALES & FEMALES) I know, I can't have two people in my life. Should I stay or leave him for her?

My fiancé cheated on me last year with two other girls that looks similar to me. I found out when I asked him for permission to get on his social media accounts after I had been noticing him being busy over his phone while him and I are hanging out, on dates, hiking, walking, shopping, playing videogames, etc. My ex girlfriend was the one that convinced me to ask him because ever since I had a feeling about it. My ex girlfriend and I are good friends. She still have feelings for me since she was in 9th grade while I was a 10th grader. I'm in my second semester of college now and she's off to graduate high school.

My ex girlfriend had never hurt me physically and emotionally. But I hurt her feelings. I know, I sounded like a jerk for usually talking about my ex boyfriend with her. She felt not good enough because she asked me who were my female crushes in our high school. She told me she didn't feel pretty enough or have a better body than the other girls. I told her, "I'm with you because I love you. I would not cheat on you especially I love you so much the way you are. You don't have to change anything about you." I broke up with her because my mom could not accept me dating her. I was weak and I could not believe I did not fight for her. But I also did it because I was still not over my ex and I wish I had never fell for her while I still had a few feelings for my ex who done me wrong. Because my ex boyfriend impacted my life so much.
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+1 y
A few weeks before I found out my fiancé cheated on me. We were expecting a baby but I had a miscarriage over depression and fatigue. I was depressed about my fiancé leaving me for three months for his college. I trusted him and I believed him that he would not hurt me like my two other ex bfs did. But he did. He hid secrets from me and told people lies about me that ruined my name and views to those people. Like, what type of fiancé would do such thing?
+1 y
I gave him so many chances this beginning of 2017. Because I want to believe he will change which he did. But sometimes he do stuffs that will get me mad, upset, or sad. This month he did something again. I told him that I was gonna leave him and never give him another chance. But then I changed and said that one more chance and that's it. If he fails again, then I am totally through with him. But I did told him that I rather be with my ex girlfriend than him because she would never do the things he done
(MALES & FEMALES) I know, I can't have two people in my life. Should I stay or leave him for her?
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