Is it me? or Is my mind telling me something?

OK so lately I've been having these weird feelings in my stomach about things. Mostly like I'm worried about my girlfriend and stuff and sorta getting this feeling that I not the only guy in her life now, but I don't know how to bring it up without causing a fight. Like the other day as a joke I guess she told me she's gonna put her relationship status to single and see what her friend says, well still nothing from her friend I guess but I'm starting to think she did it on purpose and maybe she's trying to let me down easy? I don't know I tend to worry A LOT and over think somethings. What do you think?


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  • That funny feeling in your stomach is NERVES/ANXIETY/INSECURITY with GOOD reason. This is not how a girlfriend should act towards you! I would have kicked her to the curb then and there - she's playing with your feelings and dangling a possible new guy in front of your face? You need to respect YOURSELF because she is NOT treating you fairly or as someone she holds in high regard. You KNOW you deserve better! When your stomach talks to you ( your body will always tell you if something is wrong -) this is an instinct that you have that you should listen to. Your stomach is telling you that you are not being treated right and you need to speak up. This girl wants to play the field. I know you don't want to hear this but I would STRONGLY suggest breaking up with her NOW and let her go play. It's a question of time before she finds another one. You are a good guy - kind, loyal, and a great boyfriend. She doesn't deserve someone like you. AND if she's trying to make you jealous? I really have no clue why she would since she knows she's already got you. Please let this girl go. She is not worth your time when she threatens to put "SINGLE" status on Facebook and is HOPING to snag another guy. That is really awful. She's not a girlfriend I'd want. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. If you don't respect you... nobody else will either. Good luck, Sweetie.

    • Thank you soooooo much Louise123 took your advice and did some investigating and found out it wasn't a joke and that she was lying to me about the whole thing and was just using me. Her and I are officially broken up and I'm moving on and she's whimpering in her tears LOL. O and thanks for teh whole sweetie thing haven't been called that in years made a nice smile to my face

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  • if you feel something is up then something is probably going on man. trust your intuition its what saved use from the beast when we cave men.

    • LOL man ya ur right we broke up and I feel relived alittle but I'll heal

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