How do I get him back?

So, my cousin, who is also my best friend, likes the same guy I like. He is a year younger than us both. But the fact is that I like him and he likes (liked) me until he met her. She asked him to rate us both on a scale of 1-10. I was a 5 and she was an 8. And now she all "gaga" over him, when she knew that I liked him more and first. And we know each other better. And another think is she stole a guy from me in 6th grade, too. She's boy crazy. And this is the first time I ever cried over a guy. Help. How do I get him back?


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  • let me get this straight...

    he liked you and you like him

    he then met here and liked her more

    you now want revenge for him no longer liking you and liking here

    and for the lower score...

    here's how to get back at him...

    move on, don't care, and don't cause the world more issues than it has with your anger at a guy not liking you anymore.

    this is why the world can't have nice things, people want to get back at others for small thing, then when it's big and they want to get back big... we all suffer...

    • No, I mean, how do I get him back? Back to liking me? I still really like him.

    • Oh sorry, we get a lot of revenge people and I just got annoyed, thought you were just another one. I apologize.

    • Well, do you have any advice on how I get him back? I think I'm actually falling for him.

  • Offer him fwb, be better in bed than her... Looks like he's getting lucky with her already...


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