How long should I wait?

So I went on an amazing date last night. We got on very well and chatted and laughed all evening and we kissed at the end of the date.

I said I would let him know when I got home, but it was very late so I didn't. Is it appropriate to send him a message today just saying I got home OK and thanks for a good evening. I don't want to seem too quick to contact him as we only met yesterday.

Or should I wait for him to contact me?


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  • just go with how you feel and seriously a word of advice--don't overthink every action you want to take--just do it but don't over do it, you know?

    i would text him, that's what I did after a night out with a about 12 the next day I just let him know that I had a great time and thanked him for taking me there and there. he pretty much responded soon after that and wanted to know when we can see each other next

    just be really causual about it, and the way you text but be polite so he knows you like him

    also it helps if you can just pretend that you're getting to know him as a new friend--that will also help in preventing you to over think about whether he likes you or not, or what he doesn't like...etc if that makes sense

    have fun

  • Just text him and say that your sorry you didn't text him the night before I'm sure he'll understand


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