Summer relationship or not? HELP!

So, I like this guy & he says he likes me. We're not even dating officially but we argue all the time. Back in November (when we were still not dating), he was basically talking to this other girl and I didn't know. Of course, I was mad when I found out & we stopped talking for a couple of months and now we're back at square one. Now, he wants us to start dating but there's literally only 1 day left of school & I don't know how I feel about carrying or relationship into summer especially because of what happened in November. What should I do?

Thanks ahead of time for answering my question=]


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  • its completely up to there are risks of trying again...the obvious : everything going as it did before and you both failing again...

    do you love him? are you in love with him? do you see any changes he may have made? has he prooven to you that he isn't the same as before and maybe matured a little bit more? how far apart will you be when school ends? do you think you can get along with one another if one goes away on vacation (is there trust there)...

    basically look he was talking tot his girl (TALKING not hooking up right?) and you got upset...ok that's fair, but you have to understand you weren't dating then...when people are single they are free to do what they want. if you didn't want him talking to another girl and he didn't want you talking to another guy you might as well have been dating...honestly...

    in the end its up to you to decide, does he make you happy? do you guys get along when you are together? do you think you guys can be suttle and fair and understand you both have separate lives and will have opposite sex friends? - this is healthy to have opposite sex friends in any kind of relationship/marriage...

    i probably rambled on and not sure if I answered your question, but its basically up to you...really think about what you want and what would make you happy...if its just going to be a "summer fling" then why not just be FWB

    good luck

    • Omg, thanks so much! The questions you posed really helped! Although I`m still confused about what to do, ur help has moved me closer to a decision. THANK YOU:)

    • Anytime!!! glad I could help....GOOD LUCK!

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  • It sounds like your gut is telling not to. He sounds desperate for a summer fling, not a legitimate relationship. If you're looking for something more lasting I would say no but if you don't mind going out with a guy for about three months without it resulting in anything I would say ok. I would say no, because he has hurt you before and you guys never really got along in the first place.


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