If I act like like I just want to be friends with my ex, would he be more likely to want to be my boyfriend?

He wants to keep in contact and be "friends." Every time I talk to him I get all emotional about why he doesn't want to be here with me. Its not another girl, I know that.

SO, If I play it real cool and play along and just act like I want to be nothing but friends will this make him perhaps want to come back?
I meant to also say just talk to him about everyday things and NOT talk about the relationship...


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  • So you want to wait around for someone and something that is't promised?

    We all get disappointed when we have expectations.

    I understand why you want to do this, but it might not work. He already knows you want to be with him, this would just make you a second choice. Really is that what you want? I don't think so. Nothing wrong with staying friends with him. But it only works when all emotional attachment is gone.

    What will make him come back? When you move on and make him realize that, "When you take things for granted, the things you are granted, get taken".

    Move on and try to think of what is best for you right now. Be selfish and put your heart first. He did. There are so many different good guys out there. They come in so many favors too, so grab a spoon! He's waiting for you.


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  • Let me put it this way, he can't miss you if you are already there... He KNOWS that you want to be with him already. You have to leave his life and move on. The shock treatment will make him think about you more. You are not looking for a friendship, the friendship ended when you two got together, so don't be "friends".


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  • yeah..just be your normal happy self and it will def. help!


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