Why is he doing this?

I was introduced to a guy about nine months ago and we hit it off right away. After an awesome month of dating, he cut communication completely without an explanation. He's not very tall and I made a comment about his height (totally DID NOT mean to hurt his feelings) and that's apparently what made him angry. After three months of no communication he suddenly starting writing to me on Facebook everyday. I finally couldn't take it anymore and asked him what was going on. He got really angry and tried to say that I started talking to him first and deleted me off of Facebook. Just two weeks ago he re-added me and is now talking to me regularly again. I'm not the type to deny and ignore, but I'm so exhausted of this. We weren't friends before we dated, so I don't know why he needs me in his life...someone help!


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  • this is called the rubber band effect...you said something and the rubber band expanded...he cuts you off and the rubber band contracts...he contacts you again on Facebook and the rubber band expands...you stoke him and the rubber band contracts...he cuts you off and the the rubber band expands...he adds you on Facebook again and the rubber band contracts...now, are you going to respond and let the rubber band expand or are you going to stop this cycle?

    • Ok - I see your point. But why do guys allow the rubber band effect to happen?

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    • But why doesn't he just let it go? What does he get out of it?

    • He's the child in the relationship and you need to be the adult to stop it...that's what it looks like for right now with what you said...he's throwing a tantrum

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