Could any of these subtle moves show a girl is interested in you?

OK, I'm probably going to sound like a complete idiot, but here it goes. So I really like this girl named Sara.. She went to my high school all this year and she also goes on my bus. I have always wanted to, but have never had the courage to talk to her. Anyways once we were each sitting on the outside of the bus seat beside each other, (like me and my friend in one seat, her and her friend in the seat beside us). Anyways going around a tight turn she puts her arm out across the aisle, and rest her hand on my seat. I mean it could mean nothing but it seemed somewhat unnecessary to put her arm across the aisle, instead of grab her own seat or something. Also she added a lot of my friends on Facebook but never added me. Like you know how Facebook works. People add people they don't necessarily know, but see around at school and stuff. So I fond it strange that she never added me, since I saw her like, everyday, (and some of my friends she added I don't think she ever talked to some of them, she just saw them around and stuff). Anyways I probably sounded like an idiot, and these probably don't mean anything. Tell me what you think, thanks.


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  • If you had a little more to go on I'd like to help you, but if her movement did seem like 98% unnecessary she was probably trying to get your attention, I think that what you should do, is yes gain a little courage, I find it much more appealing if the guy does something to show a little initiative. Add her, if she asks who are you, just say something about seeing her around which obviously you have :)

    Best of luck!


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  • It could be a start... Why don't you just add her on Facebook yourself? Come on, a little courage goes a long way!

    • Yes I did add her, but that's as far as I got haha

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    • Just start small talk. Don't be TOO obvious and start telling her you've wanted to talk, but never had the nerve to, etc etc. THAT is DEFINITELY unsubtle, she'll assume your feelings for her and she might feel awkward and not reply at all!

      Maybe you should say something like, "Hey, my friends have talked a lot about you to me, I was just curious to get to know you more, I've seen you around school as well... Hope you don't mind my random add and message! :)"

    • Thanks :)

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  • ok Sera is right, you won't loose anything by adding her, but what I've found is that, all the girls that have done that to me, not added me on Facebook but friends of mine, it was because apparently I'm sure they knew I liked them and didn't want accept because they felt weird or something, well you get the picture. But I added them anyway, they never accepted but least I went for it, and found out just to truly forget their existence and move on

  • The arm touch could mean something... have you noticed anything else?

    • I don't know...nothing that really stick out to me

    • I'd say wait for more signals, don't assume anything yet. She might, but if she does like you there will probably be some other small signals as well.

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