Is my take on cheating weird?

I get mixed opinions on this..

I don't mind if a girl leaves me for another guy, A lot of times the first question asked is, are you not p*ssed off? If you love them you'd be really angry! I say, no... If I actually care about them and their feelings I'd be happy for them. I mean if being with someone else makes them happy I'm not going to be a selfish jerk about it and drag her down because I can't cope with it. I mean sure I'm upset/sad but I'm not going to let it get me down and I'm not going to tell everyone that I'm sad or p*ssed off. A lot of people just say to me, would I not like to punch the guy, or slag the girl off? I mean geez why would I? It's not his fault she likes him and not her fault he likes her.

I don't see why people think it's weird, As I said yes I'm upset, but I'm not angry. I just accept it and move on, I'm not going to mope about it either... Again I don't see why after I break up with someone that I have to remain single for a certain amount of time. If they expect me to cry over them for months how selfish does that make them? I just try to get on with things and find the next great person.

Sorry if it's a bit ranty, I just had an evening discussing this... I've probably forgotten some, so I might add an update later.
Is my take on cheating weird?
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