Why do women cheat?

Just curious on to why women cheat, I know there are sites that have list down, but I think it will be much more effective. I know there are some questions on here bout it, but they are really outdated. being well over a year old. Plus new people answering means different results for the most part. So yeah girls why do girls cheat? and is there a way to prevent it. Guys why do you think girls cheat?

Also on my poll since a poll is anonymous, answer truthfully. Have you ever cheated. even just once, whether it is physically mentally or verbally, and yes telling someone you want to have sex with them while you are in a relationship with another person is still cheating. Not normally classified as cheating because we think of only physical things, but if you found out your man or girl was talking dirty to another person. Your feelings would be hurt just as bad. May not be as mad on the outside, but still hurt on the inside.
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Why do women cheat?
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